Imagine that you need a different pen for every task you have to do.

And that you have to choose more than one pen, from large choice of pens within each task, because only one is simply not functional enough to do the complete job.

You would end up with quite a clumsy collection, and a new set of organising-maintaining problems as well.

As we all do, with myriad similar tools on our computing devices.
So how would you solve such problem?

In a same manner, building yet another tool to grow that collection?

How about solving the cause of the problem?
For instance, a singular adaptive solution.

A tool for daily productive repetitive tasks.

A tool that adapts to users preferences of solving tasks.

A tool that allows user to concentrate only on a task ahead.

Discrete, but not restrictive. Simple, but highly efficient.
Solution not only aligned to behavioural trends of it’s user base, measured as population,
but underlying technology as well.

Elastic and omnipresent.
LKumo is a Tool for Daily Productive Repetitive Tasks.
Yet it is a tool, as much as iPhone is just a phone.

Created in the same manner, both are the systems that behave in multiple ways.
Similarly, they both innovates on seemingly obvious, creating foundations for much larger consequences without losing the clarity at any point.

They are the product of a holistic design approach.
This is why LKumo has the ability to expand productivity in cyberspace, remove distractions and allow full concentration on the task, not the technology.
It redefines many other aspects, in particular, marketing as unobtrusive, value-based relationship, with close to 100% interest based targeting.

It definitely is not a 140 character gimmick, same as iPhone was not when it came on the market and paved the future with it’s richness to myriad smart devices and services we today take for granted.

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